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Just ASK

Keeping vulnerable young people safe online

The 'Deaf Children and Young People – just ASK' project is developing strategies for working with vulnerable deaf young people in schools and youth clubs to enhance their knowledge and understanding about a range of internet safety issues.

Activities that specifically address these vulnerable young people's needs, and enhance their safety online, will be paramount to the project process. One such activity encourages young people to devise, act out and film a series of signed short dramas on internet and mobile phone safety. Each short drama has been scripted with the assistance of the deaf young people, prior to filming, and is signed using British Sign Language in order to access a wide range of children and young people.

In turn, they may be used as 'triggers for discussion' by teachers and others working with deaf young people in order to raise awareness about some strategies for helping them to use the internet and mobile phones more safely.

These are the first four in a series of twelve short films. If you have any feedback on the use of the films, please e-mail ho@tacade.co.uk

Facebook Chat

See video

To meet or not to meet

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Cyber Bullying, What to do

See video

Being safe with your mobile phone

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Through the project, Tacade hope to give deaf children and young people the opportunity to improve their personal and social skills, such as communication, decision-making skills, resistance and resilience skills and analytical skills in relation to personal safety and internet safety skills.

About Tacade

Tacade is a leading not-for-profit charitable organisation working to promote the health and well-being of children and young people locally, nationally and internationally including alcohol, drugs, gambling, homophobia, loss, change and bereavement, sexual health and smoking. Increasingly, Tacade works with the more vulnerable at risk children and young people.