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Just: Transcription: building a fairer justice system

When you’re seeking justice, court transcripts count. Yet despite the fact they help win cases they’re expensive, and can be impossible to obtain. In fact, problems with transcripts are one of the most common reason court proceedings are delayed in the UK.

It’s an issue that lawyer Sophie Walker experienced in her work representing clients who’ve suffered miscarriages of justice. Informed by her experiences, Just: has developed a new way to make transcripts available for everyone. The result is Just: Transcription, a smart automated speech-to-text service that’s fast, accurate and affordable.

Driving transparency

Just: Transcription harnesses the latest advances in speech-to-text technology, combined with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence expertise. It doesn’t just produce word-perfect transcriptions. By gathering and analysing data from each trial it can offer new insight into what’s happening in today’s courts, to aid transparency and inspire improvement.

Nominet Trust is funding Just: Transcription to help make the system ready to roll out in courts around the country. With the potential to erase the current problems with transcription, it has the power to promote a fairer justice system.

Just: Transcription has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.