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Learnable: putting teens in control of their asthma

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Tiny Medical Apps is working to save lives by taking essential asthma information off the page and onto young people’s smartphones. 

Today two-thirds of deaths caused by asthma in the UK are preventable. That means hundreds of people, including dozens of teenagers, are dying needlessly each year.

There’s already a solution out there. Personalised Asthma Action Plans (PAAP) offer practical information on how young people can manage their condition. Despite the fact that having a PAAP means they’re four times less likely to end up in hospital, only 30% have them, and many don’t understand how they work. We are helping the NHS to change this.

Removing stigma and rewarding learning

Tiny Medical Apps’ Learnable system puts the Asthma Plan into teenagers’ pockets by reinventing the information as a fun app for their smartphones. The app uses a dating app-inspired format to bring essential asthma information to life through personalised quizzes and videos on how to use an inhaler properly and get help in an emergency.

Nominet Trust is supporting Tiny Medical Apps to test the app with teenagers in London. This will take Learnable one step closer to helping teenagers manage their asthma and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Tiny Medical Apps has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.