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Magical memories

Memory Box is an online reminiscence tool to help the 7.4 million people in the UK who are directly affected by dementia.

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The Memory Box Network is an online tool to support this process: a social-media-based platform featuring an archive of bespoke and generic content to help dementia sufferers remember the past, which in turn stimulates more recent memories and their cognitive abilities. Individuals collect and store their own stories, and build a personal archive of video clips, audio recordings, spoken word, music, photographs, news clippings and letters sourced from the web.

Nominet Trust funded The Memory Box Network’s successful pilot and last autumn awarded a second tranche of funding to take the proof of concept to scale.

Project lead, Scott Downie reflects on their journey so far, sharing the impact the project has made on the lives of people affected by dementia.

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Reflections from Nominet Trust

Daniel Robinson Nominet Trust Development Research shares learning from the project.

- See more at: http://www.nominettrust.org.uk/what-we-support/projects/mobile-microwork-young-volunteers#sthash.Sav4b0in.dpuf

Reflections from Nominet Trust

Daniel Robinson Nominet Trust Development Research shares learning from the project.

- See more at: http://www.nominettrust.org.uk/what-we-support/projects/mobile-microwork-young-volunteers#sthash.Sav4b0in.dpufReflections from Nominet Trust

Reflections from Nominet Trust

Daniel Robinson, Nominet Trust Development Researcher, shares learning from the project.

Dementia – including specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s - pose one of the most significant set of challenges to health and social policy in the world today. Recent figures suggest 44 million people globally have dementia and this is projected to increase to 135 million by 2050. There are over 800,000 with dementia in the UK. Behind these numbers and the estimated $600billion global cost of dementia is the profound human impact on sufferers, carers, friends and family members. Memory Box is a timely new online digital service that offers support to people with dementia and those around them with a way of collecting and accessing personalised resources that can be used for guided reminiscence therapy and to stimulate more informal social interactions.

An initially pilot study, independently evaluated, indicates that Memory Box can be used to a positive difference to people suffering from dementia in a variety of care settings. Initial evidence suggests that workshops in care homes using Memory Box had a positive impact on participants’ moods, social engagement and awareness. The report also suggests that carers gained an increased understanding of how they could use the internet to support the people they for whom they care. Memory Box Network now face the challenges associated with growing their platform, including the technical challenges of content generation and ensuring that the platform can handle the levels of usage being targeted. Memory Box Network will also need to maintain the significant progress they have made in identifying key partnerships as they continue to develop their routes to market. This project is clearly of interest to other social investors and funders with additional funds already secured from Alzheimer’s Scotland and the Scottish Government, and conversations with other funders in advanced stages.