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Mapmyhealth: digital tools to manage diabetes

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The personal and financial costs of diabetes are immense. Every year the condition causes 24,000 avoidable deaths in the UK, alongside heart attacks, strokes and amputations, and puts a £10bn strain on the NHS.

Mapmyhealth is already helping NHS doctors fight back against type 2 diabetes with the use of their innovative digital therapeutic – ‘Mapmydiabetes’, and now the company has set its sights on type 1 diabetes.

Accessing expert support

Success managing diabetes starts with patients learning how to understand and self-manage the condition. But all too often they find themselves without expert support. Mapmyhealth bridges this gap, providing an easy-to-access web-based platform offering patients practical information, exercise plans and healthy living guidance from carers and clinicians.

Because Mapmyhealth has already been successful supporting patients with type 2 diabetes, it has the framework already in place to tackle type 1. Nominet Trust is funding Mapmyhealth to develop a prototype and set up the thorough clinical testing it needs to help more people live well with diabetes.

Mapmyhealth has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.