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MIRROR: providing a fresh perspective on facial paralysis

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Today more than 105,000 people in the UK live with facial paralysis with symptoms ranging from speech problems to anxiety and depression. Physical therapy can be effective, but face-to-face care is expensive, and there’s a limited number of specialists available. People are put off by slow improvements, and many dislike looking at their altered appearance in a mirror.

Now, with their new MIRROR app for mobile devices, Emteq are offering patients a fresh perspective. By providing interactive rehabilitation ‘games’ and treating facial paralysis through real-time physiotherapy feedback, the app can measure successes, identify poor recovery and keep patients engaged with treatment.

Empowering patients

MIRROR harnesses the same smart technology used in films and games to measure facial movements. Clinicians can track this data remotely and so see what treatment is working, or when to consider alternatives. Getting this right early on gives patients a greater chance of rehabilitation.

MIRROR can be used anywhere, empowering patients to aid their recovery and connect with peers to share experiences. With new funding from Nominet Trust, Emteq can further test the app’s effectiveness and help support more people living with facial paralysis.