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MyOwnTeam: connecting people with a chronic medical condition

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60% of people in England with a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes, are failing to follow their treatment and medication regimes. This might be because of fear, denial, or a lack of understanding. But, whatever the reason, it’s costing them their health and happiness. It’s expensive for the NHS too – a quarter of people with chronic conditions account for 70% of all healthcare spending.

Now Marmo Health have created a clever chat-based app designed to empower them to take control of their condition. MyOwnTeam harnesses the proven effectiveness of ‘nudge’ psychology, plus the motivational power of peer groups, to provide everyday support through accessible smartphone technology.

Changing behaviour, transforming lives

MyOwnTeam uses an innovative algorithm to connect users with an ultra-personalised peer group who are all going through the same thing. They can instantly share their challenges and solutions through in-app chat, without having to attend a face-to-face session or seek out support groups online.

Research shows that this can quadruple engagement and encourage 40% more behaviour-changing actions. With funding from Nominet Trust, MyOwnTeam can help put control back in the hands of people with chronic conditions.