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OliTool: a touch-sensitive tool to tackle anxiety

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OliTool from Ogenblik is a new approach to mental health that harnesses haptic technology (based on interactions around touch) to support the one in six adults in the UK who suffer from anxiety. Users can carry the discrete handheld device with them and use it to mark and release emotions in real-time.

Information gathered is transmitted to an integrated software application and presented to the user and mental health professionals to aid therapy and promote psychological wellbeing.

Releasing stress, sourcing solutions

OliTools supports the user’s behaviour change strategies and therapy goals by aiding their understanding of behaviour patterns and triggers.  It creates a valuable record of how the user is coping, while simply holding OliTool can soothe and reassure during moments of anxiety.

Already backed by academics and clinicians, funding from Nominet Trust will ensure the OliTool helps more people manage their anxiety.