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Open Bionics: 3D-printing cheaper, better prosthetics

Open Bionics logo
Traditional prosthetics can help improve the lives of people living with amputation immeasurably – but they aren’t perfect. Prosthetic hands can cost up to £90,000, making them too expensive for many people. Plus, they take around three months to fit and can feel heavy to wear.

Now, Open Bionics has a fresh solution to support amputees. Using the latest 3D body scanning and printing technology they’re ready to create bionic hands that are lightweight, take five days to fit and cost just £2,000.

Inspired by superheroes

The company are changing the way children relate to limb loss too. Currently, the only prosthetics available for kids can seem scary and ugly to their peers. Open Bionics have secured licenses from Disney and Marvel to make bionic hands inspired by superheroes and princesses, to help children accept and feel positive about their differences.

Open Bionics secured their place in the prestigious NT100 in 2015, now this new funding will help trial their products with 25 amputees to showcase first-hand how this exciting technology can change minds and transform lives.