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Peace of mind for people with epilepsy and their families

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The Pulseguard Pro is an innovative monitoring system designed to protect the 50 million people with epilepsy around the world at risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).
One sign of SUDEP is rapid change of heart rate. But this can be missed, even in a residential care setting, especially when people are asleep. 
That means sleepless nights for worried families looking out for SUDEP, and an intensive monitoring burden on healthcare staff. 

Spotting the dangers

The Pulseguard Pro harnesses wireless technology, and the possibilities of the ‘Internet of Things’, to provide a clever solution. 
Developed by a husband and wife team for their epileptic son, the nonintrusive system gathers heart rate data round-the-clock, which can be checked from a remote screen. 
It triggers an alarm if danger signs are detected so carers or family can take action. The device also provides data to fuel future research and can be adapted to solve a range of healthcare problems. 
The team has already sold over 150 units of the Pulseguard system. Nominet Trust is providing the funding to help them take it to the next level, and protect against future deaths in a residential or care home setting.