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A platform for success

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With grants and statutory income shrinking, charities are increasingly dependent on individual donations to fund their work.

However, the cost of attracting new donors is significant and once charities have secured new donors, they are finding it difficult to unlock their full potential value. 

At the moment, the top 10,000 charities in the UK spend £2.5bn on fundraising and PR, raising £4.4bn in donations. And those figures don’t add up to a sustainable solution.

Raising IT sets out to change this situation by providing web and social media tools that enable charities to reach people, build relationships and raise funds in a much more cost-effective way.

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The Collaborative Charity Web Platform uses cutting edge technology to enable charities to maximise and monitor all channels and fundraising campaigns across offline, web, social media and mobile media. It allows them to dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring new supporters, at the same time as tracking return on investment and increasing the long-term value of supporters.

However, despite huge demand for the Raising IT platform, too few charities have been able to benefit from this system to date, because all of the custom design has to be undertaken in-house at Raising IT. Now financial support from Nominet Trust is helping to open up opportunities for far wider use of the system – to the advantage of thousands of charities and millions of beneficiaries.

The project is now making the transition from competing to collaborating with local designers. The Raising IT platform will become an open platform, on which paid or pro-bono designers can bring innovative technologies to life for the charities they are working for.

They will be able to do this by leveraging the scalable, social and safe social media and web platform Raising IT offers. In turn, charities will be able to radically reduce their technology and marketing costs and considerably increase their chances of raising significantly more funds to support, sustain and scale their services.