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Providing disadvantaged children with digital skills

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To win the jobs of the future, young people need to develop the digital skills that employers demand right now.
A new co-project between MakerClub and The Learning and Work Institute aims to create an innovative learning platform to ensure disadvantaged children, and their families, aren’t left on the wrong side of this skills gap.
MakerClub are experts at inspiring children to get hands-on with technology. Harnessing their knowledge, and The Learning and Work Institute’s learning expertise, they want to develop a range of easy-to-use, low cost interactive digital courses, covering everything from coding to robotics.

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Family-first learning

According to one Nesta report, 86% of parents believe ‘digital making skills’ will be vital to their children’s future success. Yet, the project’s family-first approach means that it’s not just children that benefit. The courses will be created to engage the whole family, empowering parents, siblings, carers and keyworkers as well.
Using fun, multiplatform activities, such as building working robots and the microcontrollers to move them around, Digital Families aims to bring everyone up to speed with the skills they need to thrive in the future. Nominet Trust’s funding will enable the development of the platform allowing the team to co-create the course directly with families and family learning tutors.