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Revolutionising rehabilitation after a stroke

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One in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime, and for most survivors intensive physiotherapy is essential. But high healthcare costs mean that too many stroke survivors don’t get the life-changing support they need, leaving them feeling alone and abandoned. All too often the physiotherapy they do get is repetitive, dull and mentally draining.

The Gameball Platform from Neurofenix is an innovative approach that’s set to revolutionise rehabilitation. Taking inspiration from the world of computer games, it aims to make physiotherapy more affordable and enjoyable for everyone.

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A new route to recovery

The Gameball Platform gives stroke survivors access to engaging games that they play with an ergonomically-designed and portable hand controller. The games encourage the healing hand and arm movements physiotherapists recommend, while sensors record data that experts can analyse to track recovery. Plus, players can share their scores online and connect with other survivors to support and motivate each other.

Nominet Trust is funding Neurofenix to trial the technology with stroke survivors through the UK’s biggest stroke charities. Their feedback will help make the system more effective – and provide a new route back to recovery.

Neurofenix has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.