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Sentimoto: Wearable sensors for care management

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Sentimoto deploys wearable technology in the field of care to help older people share and understand their wellbeing and behavioural data with their carers in a secure and easy way.

The older user wears a Sentimoto-enabled smartwatch, enabling them and their family members or other carers to study on their smartphones their wellbeing data, as captured by the device and demystified by Sentimoto's analysis algorithms and insights. This allows the people involved to act in a focused and timely fashion when lifestyle and behavioural patterns emerge, particularly ones which would have a potential negative future impact on the users' wellbeing and care should they go by unnoticed.

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Nominet Trust funding will be used to build the Internet-enabled platform, test and deploy it on Android, and demonstrate the extent to which this sort of off-the-shelf wearable technology might help address the shortfall in professional support against rising demand in the care sector.

The app borrows the principles of apps such as FitBit and Jawbone, collecting indicators such as physical activity over time. On an individual level, relaying this information to carers lets them identify social withdrawal and the sorts of changes in behaviour that indicate worsening quality of life. On a larger scale, it will help advance our understanding of how lifestyle and other factors impact older people’s health.

Adult social care expenditure reached £8.9 billion in 2012/13 and there are 10M over 65s in the UK, of which 500,000 require home care. Sentimoto’s development has been supported by Bethnal Green Ventures and UnLtd.