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Social action? Game on!

An app development project from Catch22 is aiming to inspire young people to get more involved in social action initiatives within their communities

Developing employability skills
Volunteering in the local community, also referred to as 'social action', is a growing way for young people – especially those not in education, employment or training – to discover and develop the soft skills and confidence needed to find job opportunities.

Now a new app development project is using online and mobile technology to encourage greater involvement by young people in their local communities and inspire a national programme of social action.

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Making a difference
Run by Catch22 and supported by Nominet Trust, the project involves young people in the development of an app, which aims to increase the amount of social action being undertaken, as well as reach a wider audience throughout the UK.

Young people will be involved in the design and development of the app, which will empower them to make a difference to their community  -  such as keeping their neighbourhood clean, for example.  The app will be designed to help young people to manage and take ownership of social action initiatives.

It is hoped that by presenting a recognisable 'gamified' interface, young people will be encouraged to take on social action projects and to influence their peers to do so too through social media and the introduction of a high scores table.