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Social reflections

A new app aims to stimulate fresh social connections that inspire improvements in emotional health and wellbeing among disadvantaged and isolated people.

Stronger connections
A new digital tool to help people to improve their sense of wellbeing is being developed by the RSA, a prominent think tank, with funding from Nominet Trust.

The Social Mirror app will enable users to measure, visualise and positively change their social connections, helping them to take action to improve their health and wellbeing and to enhance potential feelings of ‘community’.

It will also enable GPs and other health/community workers to support and spread healthy behaviour by adopting ‘social prescribing’. This involves linking people to appropriate community resources, organisations and networks of individuals that will benefit their mental, emotional and physical health.

Positive impact
The idea behind the interactive Social Mirror app is that by reviewing an individual’s social connections and re-focusing on those areas that empower them, rather than adversely affect them, that person can have a real impact on positive self-reported health and wellbeing measures.

The tool will be trialled in a pilot project that focuses on disengaged young people and isolated older people in Knowle West, a disadvantaged area of Bristol. It is hoped the Social Mirror app will positively impact networks of people to enhance social inclusion and strengthen community ties, while also encouraging greater intergenerational contact.

Find out more in this short video:

The RSA will soon be demoing the Social Mirror app on-line: please sign up here if you would like to be informed when this happens.