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TapSOS: saving lives with smarter emergency calls

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When you need to make a 999 call, every second counts. And that can be a serious problem for the UK’s 11 million deaf and hard of hearing people, or those facing stressful situations, who may struggle to communicate verbally over the phone.

This is where clear non-verbal communication can save lives – and why TapSOS LTD has TapSOS, an innovative smartphone app that gets help without users making a sound.

The easy-to-use technology has the potential to revolutionise the emergency services network and enable more people to make a life-saving connection.

Getting a rapid response

TapSOS harnesses users’ smartphones to store medical history and personal information. With just a couple of swipes it instantly shares this data with the emergency services, along with exact GPS co-ordinates to ensure a swift response. In domestic abuse cases, or even terrorist attacks, it offers a fast and discreet way to inform police exactly what’s happening.

Nominet Trust is funding TapSOS LTD to complete a prototype and prepare for launch. This will help ensure that whatever situation users’ face, the emergency services are always within reach.

TapSOS Ltd has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.