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Tell the Doctor: Patient/doctor support system for allergies

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Tell the Doctor is a digital record-keeping app in which allergy sufferers and their carers can record accurate information about their allergic reactions so that a picture can be built up of what happens in between their consultations. The information is collected in a structured way and can be viewed online by clinicians before the next consultation.

The app prompts patients to store medically relevant details about any incidents that occur between appointments in a way that is meaningful for doctors. This lets clinicians quickly access previously unavailable, detailed medical histories at later consultations, via a desktop dashboard and allows the consultation to focus on what to do next. An algorithm on the app also automatically alerts medics if a patient records the sorts of patterns, of worsening and increasingly frequent reactions, for example, that can indicate an increased risk of a ‘catastrophic event’ such as anaphylactic shock, so they have opportunity to intervene. This means medics can monitor their caseload remotely.

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Nominet Trust’s funding is to develop the product from prototype and test it with patients. Tell the Doctor’s founders are both parents of children with allergies and know first-hand how hard it is for patients and carers to recall relevant clinical information quickly or with enough precision for clinicians, especially when the gaps between appointments can be as long as two years apart.

The project’s clinical content will be steered by Guy’s and St Thomas’s joint lead for allergy, Dr Adam Fox, who says that right now, ‘We simply don’t have enough time with our patients in our consultations to get detailed history, formulate a management plan and educate the patient about how to manage their condition in the community.’ 

21 million people have allergies in the UK, with 1 in 5 suffering the sorts of serious or debilitating conditions that could result in life-threatening reactions, like an extreme asthma attack. Hospital admissions from these events cost the NHS £68M a year.

Illuminatis has been approved for funding from Nominet Trust.  Funding is subject to successfully completing our project initiation process.