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Visual Assistant: tech-enhanced sight for visually-impaired people

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Imagine how much better you would see if you could manipulate the colours and outlines around you like on a laptop or TV. Now think what a difference that ability would make to someone blind or visually-impaired.

Visual Assistant is exciting new software that enables people to do just that, allowing users to tweak colours and highlight contours to make the real world appear clearer.

Putting the world in focus

Visual Assistant can make objects and people on TV easier to see by giving a choice of shaped coloured outlines, replacing original colours or boosting colours. When taken outside, viewing the world through a pair of smart glasses, or a smartphone, running the software helps users see where pavements end and roads begin as well as highlighting important signs. This can give them confidence and independence to enjoy their day without assistance.

Funding from Nominet Trust will help the team take a promising prototype tested with a small group to a product suitable for a wide variety of eye conditions. So, for the cost of a single download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, millions of people around the globe could have access to technology that puts their lives back in focus.