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Our history

Nominet Trust was established as a charitable foundation in 2008 by Nominet. Nominet is an international internet company delivering public benefit and to date, Nominet has donated £44 million to Nominet Trust. As a result, Nominet Trust is the UK’s leading social tech funder, bringing together, investing in and supporting people making imaginative use of technology to address complex social challenges.

Nominet is the trusted guardian of the UK namespace – one of the world’s largest country code registries – and is responsible for managing and running over 10 million domain names that end in .uk. Nominet also runs the Welsh Top Level Domains (TLDs) .wales and .cymru, and provides registry services to a number of other branded and generic TLDs, including .bbc, .london and .blog. Over 3.7 million businesses, and millions more consumers, rely on its domain registry services.