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November 2017

September 2017

Digital Reach: Making headway

07 Sep 2017

Since we launched Digital Reach two months ago, all of our twelve delivery partners are powering ahead with the implementation phase of their pilots. Each of them will soon start working with the first of the 3,000 young people we aim to reach through the programme.

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August 2017

April 2017

From ideas to actions: top tips from our Everyday Tech Heroes

26 Apr 2017

Now freely available, ‘Inspiring the Everyday Tech Heroes of tomorrow’ is a downloadable storybook collated by Nominet Trust that captures inspirational learning from some of our 2016 NT100 Everyday Tech Heroes.

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Harnessing The Power Of Technology To Bridge The Digital Skills Gap Among Young People

03 Apr 2017

In our digital age, the UK is facing a major shortfall in relevant skills, an estimated 745,000 jobs now requiring some level of digital capability.

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March 2016

5 Lessons in Developing Social Tech Ventures

29 Mar 2016

Digital technology plays a powerful role in the response to social problems. It doesn’t provide the answers to everything and, by itself, it provides the answer to very little. But, when it works, it can equip social solutions with deeper reach and broader scale, with stickiness and sustainability, with the means of both standardising and personalising interventions, with a more accurate and detailed view of use and impact – and many other unique advantages.

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