We’re supporting organisations and initiatives transforming the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people.

Why focus on young people?

Did you know that young people who’ve been in care are nearly three times more likely to not be in employment, education or training (NEET) than those who haven’t? And, at 22%, a disproportionately high number of all homeless people are aged 16–24? Furthermore, according to the Young Women’s Trust, 8% of young parents reported using a food bank because they couldn’t afford to buy food.

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These figures give a snapshot of how disadvantage and vulnerability affects young people in the UK. Fortunately, young people have many strengths to draw on, including their support networks and existing services. We’re currently looking to test how technology could enable young people to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives by overcoming the structural barriers that lead to persistent disadvantage, and minimising the impact of acute circumstances that contribute to sporadic vulnerability.


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Our investments

This is not new territory for the Trust, but our approach is both creative and bold. We’ve already made significant investments in initiatives using tech to support disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. Our on-going investment in this area is having an impact across the UK.

Digital Reach is supporting efforts to increase digital skills among some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people. We’re harnessing the expertise of leading youth organisations that have longstanding and trusted relationships with the most marginalised young people. Digital Reach is demonstrating how these organisations are perfectly placed to guide isolated young people towards more positive futures.

For regular updates on Digital Reach and to follow the journey of our pilot projects watch the video below and read our latest blogs.


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Wavemaker is a non-profit community maker-space in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent. We’re working with Comic Relief so that young people have somewhere to go to be inspired by creative tech professionals helping them to make, learn and develop.

Turinglab, backed by our iAMDigital fund with Creative England, is championing diversity in tech by giving children from low-income backgrounds the chance to learn how to code.

Troo Life Coach is an app using an exciting combination of neuroscience, behavioural economics, psychology and artificial intelligence to provide personalised mental health support to young people.

Mind Of My Own (MOMO) believes that better care happens when children are better listened to. That’s why they created an app to make it easier for children and young people in care to express their views and communicate with workers and carers.

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