Imagine what we could achieve together.

NT100, our global celebration of socially transformative tech, provides us with a greater awareness of what’s possible across diverse geographic and social contexts.

NT100 celebrates the people and organisations using digital technology to change the world for the better. Every year since 2013, our NT100 showcase has championed 100 new case studies of the world’s most inspired uses of tech tackling significant social challenges across the globe. We’ve worked with some amazing partners to compile the NT100, including Big Lottery Fund, Cancer Research UK, Comic Relief, Oxfam and Telefónica UK.

From drones that deliver vital medical supplies to remote locations, to digital platforms that allow smallholder farmers to share knowledge, our NT100 platform, Social Tech Guide, now lists over 1,700 global ventures using socially motivated tech.

Now in its fifth year, NT100 will spark a global conversation about what support tech ventures need most to achieve social impact at scale and how, by working together, we can develop that supportive network over the next five years. Through a series of case studies and analysis of the key trends we’ve seen over the lifetime of NT100, we’ll demonstrate just what socially motivated tech can achieve and what we can look forward to, inspiring others to join the conversation.